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Blitzar Park - Animatic

A local theme park that moonlights as a hidden base for a migrant alien species is under threat when our protagonist, Addie, discovers their unique food supply is dramatically diminishing. Despite everyone’s reluctance to help, Addie takes the lead to save her species and the theme park, so they can stay on Earth—a place Addie now calls home.

Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 5.jpg


Animatic made with Storyboard Pro and Adobe Premiere

Illustrations made with iPad Procreate and Adobe Photoshop


Written, Designed, Boarded, Animated, and Edited by Mariah Plakas

Voiced by Ashley Milek, Lois Harvey, Ana Guerriero, Ethan Soto

Music from Free Sound

Contributed by SVA's BFA Animation & MFA Visual Narrative

Project Fully Funded by Sketchboard Pro

Mentored by Cheyenne Curtis

Ani-MAY-tion Challenge

Digital Artist Tan Star launched the Ani-MAY-tion Challenge on Instagram to spark creativity amongst the art community. The challenge was to transform still doodles into animations. I love a good challenge, so here is my collab below! 



iPad Procreate


Backgrounds, Animated, and Edited by Mariah Plakas

Characters Designed by Tan Star

Music by Youtube Musician Groboclone 

Creature - Walk Cycle

Former SVA classmate, Miles Harris, and I collaborated on this spooky fella. Watch him wander through the woods as Miles and I navigated the power of teamwork! 

Untitled_Artwork 6.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg


Adobe Photoshop


Character Coloring and Arm Animation by Miles Harris

Character Design, Background Collager, Character Cleanup, and Body/Leg Animation by Mariah Plakas

Memorabilia - Objects in Motion

Life is too short to be thinking about death, but I’m going to do it anyway. I dread that one day I will develop dementia. After losing my grandfather to the disease, I started recording my own memories through my artwork. The act of making puts my irrational fears on pause, despite the fact that they actively ward off nothing.


The subject of my drawings are mass produced items near the center of each page, surrounded by a solid colored background. The simplicity and graphic qualities of each piece is to not tie the memory down to one place or another. It is also to keep the memory isolated, and the lonely feeling of remembering something that someone else has forgotten. 



Animatic made with iPad Procreate and iMovie

Illustrations made with iPad Procreate and Adobe Illustrator


Animated and Edited by Mariah Plakas

Music from Free Sound


Project Funded by Adelphi University's Art Department

Mentored by Geoff Grogan

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